Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Red Barn

I had a couple of days off in the middle of this week and managed to paint two pieces. But I am posting only today's painting because the other one needs to be fixed. I posted it at Wet Canvas and my fellow-artists helped me to discover some major mistakes.
I am happier with this one.This red barn is in a place named Choice which is situated in a beautiful valley. It is especially pretty in spring when the fields are covered with flowers and the grass is bright green.This piece is not big,a post card size,5x7,on canvas board with acrylic paints.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Study With Acrylics

It is again my daughter watching TV.Last summer we went on a short two - day vacation to Chicago and I took a picture of her in the hotel room.I thought I could use this picture for a quick study with acrylic paints on acrylic paper.I used acrylics on watercolor paper once, six or seven years ago, but I had no experience with that media and did not like it very much. I rediscovered it about three -four years ago and it is my favourite media at the moment.
This piece is 4 1/2x6 inches big.I gessoed the paper before I painted it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Music Is In Me

This is my newest piece. I finished it three hours ago. I painted it on gessoed acrylic paper with Daler & Rowney acrylic paints. The size is 8x10.I used my own reference photo,a picture I took at the concert of my step daughter's high-school band. And this is one of the young performers.
I have always liked to paint musicians. They look so spiritual and inspiring to me.
This time I was not so concerned about the resemblance with the real subject but I was trying to achieve that dreamy mood of the person absorbed in the world of music.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Portrait Of Sonya

Did you have a nice 4-th of July?Because I did.I had wonderful time with my family. We went on a picnic with friends and we had fireworks in the evening .On the next day we went on a trip to Wisconsin ,bought a new piece of furniture ,went to a strawberry patch to pick up some strawberries.I had time to go on a bike ride and even had time to paint!!!
I painted this portrait of my daughter Sonya at the early hours of 4th of July when everybody at home was sleeping.I am pleased with the way it turned out. The resemblance is pretty good and I am happy with the color scheme.
The piece is 8x10 on stretched canvas. I used Daler and Rowney acrylic paints.