Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunflower Fields

We moved in to our house on March 23,the Saturday before Easter.After seven months living with relatives and in a FEMA trailer we are happy to be home.The house looks brand new from the inside and it is going to look like this from the outside too.We are getting a new siding and new windows upstairs although the second floor was not affected by the flood.We decided to go for it because the new windows would be more energy efficient. And I have another benefit from the whole flood thing-I got a small studio,something I was dreaming about for years.It is just a windowless closet but good enough for me and my supplies.
I still don't have much time for painting-too much to do around the house,but I'm getting there.The painting I am posting now was painted in March /before the move/while waiting for another one to get dry.I would call its style fantasy ,primitive ,folk art. Whatever it is I had great fun painting it.It is on acrylic paper,6x9.