Monday, June 15, 2015

The gifts of spring

I wish I worked less and had more time to enjoy the gifts of spring and ... the gifts of life.Mother Nature is so generous to us giving us all these beautiful flowers,bird songs and sunshine,these gorgeous unbelievable colors and this fresh air that gives you that feeling of happiness and freedom.And where are we?Locked in offices, in factory buildings and even in our own houses working,working,working...missing our own lives...earning money for things that we don't even need!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The little things

The summer vacation has started but it is not summer yet.It was quite chilly this last weekend.The sunshine was singing the song "Should I come or should I go" having hard time making up its mind.My family and I though ,we had a very well spent weekend catching up with some yard work and organizing the house.I planted my vegetable patch and replanted my succulents in bigger pots.My husband cleaned the garden and worked on his flower beds.My daughter organized her room/I couldn't believe my eyes/ and took the Guinea pig outside for a play date with the sunshine and the grass.There also were delicious meals,bike rides,playing with friends,cuddling with the cats,drawing and reading.All those little things that give us joy in life.