Monday, June 23, 2008

Mountainous Landscape

I am going on practicing different techniques with acrylics following the demos in the book I have been reading.For this painting I used my own picture of the Balkan Mountain Range in Bulgaria.
I painted it on Daler and Rowney acrylic paper which I had gessoed beforehand .The size of the paper is 9x12.I am not happy with the photo image I got with my Kodak camera .All the colors turned out right but the color of the furthest range.I painted it purple but the camera did not show up the right color .I tried several times with no success.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have been reading a book about the techniques in acrylics written by a team of Spanish artists and teachers.I like the simple language and the helpful demos in the book.I tried to master some of the techniques applying them in my own paintings.The Title of the book is All About Techniques In Acrylics-An indispensable manual for artists- published in English by Barron's Educational Series,Inc.
Inspired by the demos in the book I painted this seascape of the town of Nessebar,Bulgaria on Daler and Rowney gessoed acrylic paper with the same kind of acrylic paints.The size is 9x12 inches.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watercolor Study

I can't offer anything else but this little study of a flute player I painted with the idea to turn into an acrylic painting down the road.I haven't felt like painting recently because I had a lot of worries on my plate.We had a horrible weather in the Midwest the last two weeks.We had to deal with tornado wornings,severe thunderstorms and rivers overflowing their banks.We were on the edge of flooding again and I had hard time sleeping and eating.As we live by a river and a creek our basement started collecting water and we had to check the pump and the draining system every half an hour to make sure they worked properly.Thank God we have been spared this time and my thoughts and prayers are with the poor people from Iowa who got hit the hardest this season.I have been through this and I know how they feel.
I painted this little piece with watercolors /Prang /on watercolor paper/Strathmore/.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As a result of my experimenting with different media, in this case watercolor and pastel ,I came up with this painting.I was working on improving my skills in those media separately when I decided to combine them in one painting.I did not invent this technique, I have seen it in an art magazine years ago and I am glad I remembered it. I am pretty happy with what my painting turned out.I started it with light washes of watercolor trying to establish the value .When it dried up I painted it with different kinds of pastels -soft and hard.
The painting is about 6 x 8 inches big on Strathmore watercolor paper.