Sunday, October 4, 2015


Happy October to everybody!It really feels like Fall now.It is time to put on sweaters and light jackets.It is a little bit chilly in the mornings!We had the first frosts last week.My garden looks tired and sad but my pumpkins are thriving.I will have more than six pumpkins this year.It was like a gift from God.Last year I threw away my Halloween pumpkins in my veggie patch for compost and what was my surprise in the spring when I saw a big bunch of healthy pumpkin seedlings by my tomato plants.I replanted them in a new spot and they went crazy growing up even stronger.And also this is the right time to drink more tea and hot chocolate and decorate the house with fall knick-knacks.I got inspired last week and pulled out all my fall and Halloween decorations,which to be truthful are not very many.And although it is colder in October,like today for example,some people still manage to have fun like this para glider in the picture.I hope he is dressed up warm because it is really windy and chilly out there.Still I can't help but admire him or her for having fun on such a gloomy and cold day.