Friday, January 25, 2008


We adopted Precious around Christmas last year.Our old cat Murphy was very ill and we had to put her to sleep.She was eighteen years old and her illness was due to her old age.Her life could not be saved.Murphy had lived with my husband since she was two months old.My husband missed Murphy a lot and started checking the animal shelter for another cat.He liked a seven -year- old cat named Ashley because she reminded him about our old cat.When he and my step daughter went to pick up Ashley they brought home this beauty as well.I fell in love with her right away.She is one year old very loving and cuddly,very charming an mischievous.I can't stop hugging her ,taking pictures of her and sketching her.This is my first painting of her and I believe not the last one.I tried to capture the expression of innocence on her cute face.She looks as cute and innocent even in the middle of the biggest trouble she is in.

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