Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After Sunset

This is the other little painting I was talking about yesterday.It took me less than two hours to finish it.Actually I am not sure how much time it took.It could be even less than an hour.When I am inspired I don't pay attention to the time,it passes by so fast.I used my own reference photo I took by lake Winona a couple or three weeks ago.My daughter,a friend of my ,her little guest Angie and I went to the lake park for a walk and I took a bunch of exciting pictures which I am going to turn in paintings.The weather was wonderful and the trees were revealing their most beautiful colors.
The size of the painting is 5x7 on canvas board.And again I used oil paints.

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Distressing Delilah said...

Hi Vanya..your art is beautiful! Thank you for setting me straigt on my blog. Apparently after a trip to Italy, Rodin created some very realistic art...I am assuming this is what I read about him! T.y. jenn