Monday, January 5, 2009

Inspirational Card #5

At the beginning of the New Year I am still in this crafty mood being under the influence of the mixed media art.I guess it is my craving for more freedom of expressing myself,more of so called "to- do- whatever -I- want-to",breaking rules and trying new things.I started making these inspirational cards /4x6/for myself for the rainy days when the muse forgets to visit me and I have hard time working on my paintings.I guess I got carried away and I am still working on this kind of stuff.I meant to keep this blog mostly for my acrylic and now oil paintings but here I am I broke my promise to myself.And I also don't have anything to offer in these two media.
From now on I will try to post all my mixed media pieces in my other blog Vanyas Art Journal.

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