Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Old One-Ballerina

I haven't done anything in acrylics recently.Not that I did not paint at all but I was more into other kinds of media.I panted several pieces with watercolor and experimented sketching with charcoal pencils.The results can be seen in my other blog.
This acrylic painting is an old one that I painted last year and was not very happy about it.I had to redo it a couple of times till it started looking decent.The reference photo is mine taken two years ago when we went to watch a performance of a Russian ballet of the Nut Cracker.It was before Christmas and the weather was horrible and we had to drive for more than an hour away but it was worth it.The performance was spectacular and I enjoyed it so much and also I took tons of reference pictures.

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suzy said...

Chudesna balerina. Mnogo obicham snimki ili risunki na balerini. Za sujalenie ne moga da risuvam. Moga li da popitam za kolko mojesh da narisuvash balerina i za men. Mejdu drugoto otgovorat ti za blog nagradata e v komentarite za jultata shapka. Mislya che obyasnih dobre, mojesh veche da si ya vzemesh nagradata a ne se pretesnyavai da pitash ako neshto ne e razbrano.