Monday, May 4, 2009

An Old Man With His Goat

I am on my way to finish my watercolor challenge.I am working on my last painting.If you are interested to see all the paintings you can visit my other blog Vanyas Art Journal clicking on the painting on the side bar on the right.
Gradually I came to the idea to start a similar challenge with acrylics.It will be a great motivational task to improve my skills in acrylics completing a whole sketchbook of acrylic or watercolor paper.Yes,it will be great! I can't wait to start it.
This one is watercolor # 14.I drew the figure and the animal with blue watercolor pencil before I applied the watercolor.
The paper is Canson,9x12,Faber and Castell watercolors.


bondearte said...

I like the composition,
I like the softness of the colors,
And a beautiful job.

vanya'sArt said...

Thank you bondearte for taking time to comment my works.I appreciate this very much.