Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still life with fruit

This one is an old attempt to explore the subject matter with oil paints.I painted it maybe six or seven years ago.It seems to me the background is kind of boring.
I think I should start painting with oil more.


mythopolis said...

Hi. Found you linking off of Elena's site (There Were Swallows). I do art, but am an idiot when playing with oils. My first impression when looking at this still life is that the background might be a kind of chocolatey brown/black. I've not tried that with oil, of course. But with acrylics, it was a FAV backdrop. Enjoyed looking at your work. Thanks for posting.

vanya'sArt said...

Thank you mythopolis.i appreciate your comments very much.I guess you are right.I remember when I painted it I gave it a lot of wondering what kind of background would be the best.And the green was not the right decision.