Friday, May 8, 2015

Healthy food

I don't know about you but when spring comes I feel like eating lighter and healthier food.I am not vegetarian but I love all kinds of vegetarian dishes.It is nice to give a break to your body staying away from the meat and the hearty food.One of my favorite spring dishes is the spinach and rice dish with a poached egg on top.It is so fast and easy to make.I sotte a medium onion,some carrots,celery and a bag of frozen spinach in some oil.I wash one and a half cups of rice and add it to the vegetables.I cook them together for 5-6 minutes before I add a can of tomatoes. I cook the tomatoes and the rice together for 5 to 10 minutes and then pore about 3-4 cups of warm water.I bring it to boil on high and then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer.When the rice is half way done I crack 5-6 eggs and they get poached while the dish is finishing cooking.I forgot to mention that I add a cube of chicken broth,I prefer Knorr.Can't tell you how delicious it is. And as I am in a very healthy mood while I was cooking this dish this morning I was sipping dandelion tea.It turned out the pesky weed is actually a very good medicinal herb that helps with a lot of ailments and helps you cleanse your body from the toxins.Actually I knew that before but I forgot.I really need to work towards going back to healthier life style.So far I am glad that I keep up with my New year's resolution to drink herb tea on daily basis. Picture number three has nothing in common with the theme of the post,it is just an eye candy.A little fairy town we saw at a plant nursery last week.

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