Thursday, November 15, 2007

In this picture you can see how my dining room looked like after the flood.
The second one shows my kitchen.
We had to throw out everything that was on the first floor because the water was contaminated with colli bacteria.The only thing we managed to save during the flood was the computer.It was submerged in the water about 4-5 inches but we decided it was worth the try and the miracle happened. It worked!!!
And a tip from me in case something similar happens to you.You can salvage your CDs and DVDs.They are covered with some kind of protective layer and water cant damage them.I wish I new that before I threw away my daughter'sDVDs and my CDs.My husband salvaged half of his CD collection .He decided to give it a try and it worked perfectly.You just need to clean them gently with rubbing alcohol.

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