Monday, September 7, 2015

The summer is coming to its end.We are kind of sad about that.My daughter will miss the freedom of the summer days and I will miss being outdoors.Our dad ,he has always loved spring with its freshness and beautiful flowers.I have always liked fall and I am excited about it coming soon but this summer had a special place in my heart.It was full with a lot of fun and excitement.We went to several trips,the last one to Madison,WI.My girl had a wonderful Birthday party at a roller skating rink.We spent a lot of time in our garden eating alfresco and taking care of the plants.Even the little Guinea pig spent quite a bit playing in his playpen outside.There were a lot of bike rides in the woods,a lot of shopping trips,the last one for school supplies,a lot of reading,drawing and....browsing the web.I wish I could do less of the last one especially in the summer.So,this summer was very good to us in many ways.Even the harvest of my little veggie patch was unusually good this year,a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes and a whole lot of 6 peppers from my only pepper plant.Isn't this something?What I want to say is that I am very grateful for all the good things this summer brought to us and that we have to prepare our hearts for the beautiful season of the falling leaves.

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